Memorial Day Musings

Memorial Day is  a day of remembrance, a day honoring those who have fallen fighting for our freedom.  My father, a WWII veteran with two Distinguished Flying Cross awards, saw things I never could imagine, found courage that I aspire to,  and lost several comrades to war. Humble about all his war years, we kids never knew “that part” of his life. Parades on Memorial Day were a chance for him to remember, to forget, to move forward.

Gratitude is immense when I consider the sacrifice men and women of the United States have made and continue to make.  With heads held high, soldiers incorporate their losses into their lives.  Thank you to those who have passed, and to those who continue to fight for our freedoms.

Cancer, while an entirely different battlefield, also is one of those life reminders.  Cancer patients remember what life was like “before”, try to let it go, and move forward with the living part. Courage takes on many forms and it is during those most raw experiences that we learn just how strong we are.

Whether melanoma, another cancer, or what ever battle you face, we can learn from our amazing military.  Yes, remember what life once was, learn to process the loss and change, and keep on fighting.

To all of U.S., together, a safe Memorial Day.

We can-cer vive!