Marvelous Melanoma Monday

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What?  How can anyone say Marvelous and Melanoma in the same header?  Well, I can and do!  Let me introduce myself now that I caught your attention.  My name is Janis, I live in the Northeast, and I live with melanoma.

Today is Melanoma Monday, the first Monday in May each year, and May is Melanoma month. So what the heck do I feel marvelous about?  Let me share with you what we all should know about today.

I’m starting with melanoma, the skin cancer that kills.  Wow, I’ve known plenty of people that have had pre-cancer puffed away (myself included), I’ve known people with basal or squamous cell carcinoma-YIKES, all so scary.  But melanoma, hmmmm…..until 2015 it was a vague idea that held no bearing on me.

Melanoma kills people, people like you, like me.  Did you know that skin cancer is deadly?  In fact, states that in 2016, an estimated 91,270 people would die from melanoma.  Wow, how many of us really knew the significance of skin cancer and how many people, like you, like me it effects?

Monday, well we all know how Mondays feel, right?  Somehow, Mondays get the bad rap of the week with most of us.  The beginning of the work week, the end of weekends, a day of change.  What better way to give melanoma the recognition it deserves than by designating one day to really shine, to enlighten all of us of the danger of melanoma.

Marvelous!  Really, this is the word that comes to mind because education helps and today is the day for melanoma to be in the spotlight!  Unfortunately, this type of skin cancer is becoming more common.  I am going to write this blog to help all of us; through love, understanding, and a bit of humor, we can learn about melanoma. What better way to appreciate Melanoma Monday than to start a blog to help us all.  There is much we need to change and my goal is be the catalyst for that change!

The medical community, caregivers, patients, parents, outdoor enthusiasts, and other assorted humans of all skin color provide hope and support.  I invite you all to sign up for this blog to learn about melanoma and share it with others.

Thank you all for your support and a Marvelous Melanoma Monday to you!