Seesaw, Or Life in the Balance

yin yang
Putting the pieces together, as represented here, demonstrates well the ongoing search for balance.

Each of us, unique to our own being, and together in the struggle for balance.  Light and dark, as in the traditional yin yang symbol, visually depicts contrary forces.  That symbol, rooted in Chinese philosophy, also represents a wholeness, a coming together of natural opposites. Finding balance, a challenge for all time, is a process, not the end game.

The Tipping Pointbalance stickperson

Life throws things at us. Some things we can see coming and possibly divert, some we create to throw the imbalance the other direction.  What about those life changing tipping points of which we have no control, that appear from nowhere? No control?


We do have control when blindsided by health issues, tragedy, loss, or whatever tips  balance off kilter. Yes, trauma is debilitating and life altering.  Yes, processing takes time and is so very important. But NO, tipping points don’t have to control our lives but more often are incorporated into the person we are becoming.

(A small aside from me, the librarian!  Have you ever read Malcolm Gladwell?  I love his writing and would suggest The Tipping Point, not about cancer but a great read about pivotal change that might just have a positive outcome!)

Look, Ma, No Hands

Balance evolves, a living organism that we must listen to and nurture throughout our lives. Each day brings the good, the bad, the negative, the positive, the bright, the dark.   Listen closely to yourself as the scale brings you to difficult places and uplifting places.  Learn how you deal with cancer or whatever challenges you face.  Respect your need for time to process; there is a massive internal change taking place. Be patient as the new you comes forth.

Need to cry because you’re terrified of your cancer diagnosis?  Want to do a happy dance, right there in the hospital lobby, because your scan was clear?  Do what works for you to bring you into balance.  Mostly, listen to yourself.  You know where your “feel-better” place lies.  Will a bite of dark chocolate bring a smile to your face?  Do you need to get outside and burn off some bad energy?

Support people are critical as I mentioned in an earlier post, but you know you the best.  There may be days when you don’t even recognize yourself through the cancer haze.  Listen hard, be kind to yourself, and when ready, do what works for you to bring even a bit of balance, in this day, in this moment, right now.

stone rocks 2

I’ll share some ideas of ways to find that balance in my blog another day.  Right now, I’m listening to myself. It’s definitely time for a cup of courage (tea)! What are you going to do for you?  #thoughtsforTuesday #melanoma #melanomatheskinwerein  #cancer #lifeisabalance #tuesdaythoughts

We can-cer vive!




Author: melanomatheskinwerein

Writer, librarian, humanatarian, and survivalist, melanoma has provided me with the gift of knowing that each day, each moment matters. Family is so important as is the ocean, both course through my veins and are in my heart! Well, that and the immunotherapy drug that's kicking my butt! Let's work through this and infuse hope and education into our lives.

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