Adore Your Core…Values, That Is

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The Apple Core Doesn’t Fall Far from the Compost

Happy Mother’s Day to all!  For many of us, our Moms and Dads are where we get out core values from….is that a good thing?  Some times yes and sometimes noooo!  I love my Mom dearly yet when she has said things such as “oh, you are a relaxed housekeeper, aren’t you?”, I tend to feel myself tiptoeing away from the conversation!

What she and my father did teach me is multi-fold.  Now that melanoma cancer is integrated into who I am, I am so very grateful for the lessons I learned from my parents.  Never one to do things the easy way, I am humbled to have strength, integrity, and the ability to take the knocks.  Yep, some days are easier than others but it is those core values that help with moving forward and not letting the challenges keep us down.

bird-nest-eggs-blue-158734.jpegTo the Core

Just a short ditty today as I am immunotherapy pooped!  Listen to your core values that pave your path and grow with you.  Starting in the nest and moving beyond parents, there are many people and circumstances that give us snippets that become part of who we are. Cancer patients and their families have much to incorporate into our lives so remember who you are and live in your strength. Take the best of that core, filter out the negative, and put those positive pieces together.  You’ve got this!

We can-cer vive!



Author: melanomatheskinwerein

Writer, librarian, humanatarian, and survivalist, melanoma has provided me with the gift of knowing that each day, each moment matters. Family is so important as is the ocean, both course through my veins and are in my heart! Well, that and the immunotherapy drug that's kicking my butt! Let's work through this and infuse hope and education into our lives.

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